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Fostering understanding of the connections among human and natural communities, the resources we share, and the challenges we face.


Ongoing/Recent Projects & Activities

Lead author, Assessment of the Environmental/Social Impacts of Renewable Generation Options for Puerto Rico, ongoing

Lead author, Reinventing Renewable Energy: Toward a Technology Strategy for Increasing Security, Reducing Emissions & Creating Jobs, published by American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE) and Electric Power Research Institute, 2009

Process facilitator and lead author, Consensus Statement from Cape & Islands Stakeholders on Maximizing Community Benefits from Offshore Renewables, June - November 2009

Strategic planning, analysis, and reporting for the R&D portfolio of EPRI's Technology Innovation Program, 1990-present.

Design and development of Cape & Islands Go Green Guide, CIGoGreen campaign, and CIGoGreen: A Call to Action & Report to the Community (www.cigogreen.org), 2007-2008

Coauthor of EPRI White Papers on biopower technology (2009), geothermal energy technology (2009) future of solar photovoltaic (PV) technology and its potentially disruptive effects, July - December 2007; and on PV integration issues and opportunities facing utilities and other service providers, March - June, 2008

Adjunct professor for class on renewable energy sources and honors colloquim on sustainability at Cape Cod Community College, 2007-present

Featured speaker, launch of clean energy internship planning program by Cape Cod Economic Development Council and Cape & Islands Renewable Energy Collaborative, June 2007

Author of EPRI Journal articles on carbon capture and sequestration - "Closing the Fuel Carbon Cycle" - and climate policy - "Climate Policy Gets Down to Business" (see EPRI's website), 2006-07

Coauthor of EPRI report on the possible role of renewable energy sources in the U.S. portfolio of electricity generating options for the carbon-constrained future (abstract), November 2006 - January 2007

Author of recommendations from Cape & Islands energy stakeholders delivered to the transition team for incoming Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray, December 2006

Contributor to and editor of EPRI report to Australian government commission - Uranium Mining, Processing & Nuclear Energy Review - evaluating possible inclusion of nuclear power in the country's portfolio of electricity generating options for the carbon-constrained future, October 2006.

Author of EPRI's Phase II Climate Contingency Roadmap report, a document for high-level industry decision-makers that lays out the principles of efficient and effective climate policymaking and highlights the critical roles of technology, timing, electrification, and market-based policy.

Author of "Electricity" and "Renewables" indicators for Cape Cod Sustainability Indicators Project, released August 2006.

Editor of continuing series of EPRI technical reports on climate change science, policy, strategic planning, and technology, 2000-present.

Policy design and review for energy/air quality elements of Cape Cod Regional Policy Plan. January 2006 - present.

Design and production of Materials & Chemistry Report. December 2005 - present.

Organization and facilitation of Cape & Islands Ocean Energy Brainstorming Session. Westborough, MA, May 19, 2006.

Panel member, "Nitrogen From the Air Decision-Maker Workshop: How Important Is This Source to Coastal Pollution on Cape Cod?" Yarmouth, MA, April 7, 2006.

Convenor and facilitator of "Beyond Cape Wind" Community Planning Process for the Cape & Islands region, 2005 - present.

Invited author of a Cape Cod Voice perspective addressing Cape Cod's wastewater and energy futures from the present through 2050, December 15, 2005.

Planning of, and speaker at, the "Land-Based Municipal Wind Workshop: Clean Power Through Cooperation," Yarmouth, MA, November 18, 2005.

Planning of, and plenary lunchtime speaker at, the "Shaping Cape Cod's Energy Future" Conference, Hyannis, MA, September 22, 2005.

Author of policy and technology content on the "Clean Energy Information" website of the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative (MTC).

Member of Cape Cod Sustainability Indicators Council and participant in "Cape Cod 2020: Vision and Action for a Sustainable Cape Cod" project.

Editor of Cape & Islands Energy Information Clearinghouse. See www.cirenew.info.

Author of MTC internal report on the status of and future prospects for the clean energy cluster in Massachusetts, 2005.





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